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The Great UNIS Lake of 2013

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Although storms are quite dreadful things, being all big stormy and just generally very loud, not often do we get quite a sight such as this:

The Great UNIS Lake of 2013

This is the UNIS football (or soccer) field, host for a myriad of MRISA soccer tournaments, and just a few days before the start of school, the site of the Great UNIS Lake of 2013. It is the Great UNIS Lake of 2013 because there once has been another Great UNIS Lake, the Great UNIS Lake of 2009. Like last time, this lake has been formed by a torrent of rainfall due to tropical storms, with the water overflow being more than the drainage system can handle. Some teachers have noted that there were fish in the lake, having traveled here because during the storm, the Red River flooded through underground water and sewage pipes all the way to UNIS, migrating some fish onto UNIS ground.

The lake is probably going to be drained by the end of the week if not sooner; Dr. Barder raised an important note on the first day of school: students should not go on the field just yet because the ground is unstable. This reporter has not tested it out, but for the betterment of this field, students should heed Dr. Barder’s advice.

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The Great UNIS Lake of 2013