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Avenue V Rocks UNIS

Avenue V Rocks UNIS

December 2, 2019

Insurgency: Sandstorm – How to Make a Sequel

Sang Min Kim, Writer

April 26, 2019

Last time I reviewed a game called Insurgency, and I talked about how it managed to bring realism onto the table. After a few months, the sequel, Insurgency: Sandstorm was released. It came with a 25% off sale for anyone who alread...

Shoe Dog: A Memoir by Phil Knight, the Founder of Nike

Seo Jeong Hwang, Writer

April 26, 2019

Everybody knows Nike. The swoosh has become a symbol of one of the world’s most profitable and iconic sports clothing brands which now has close to 1,200 stores around the globe. Though I have worn many Nike products through...

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” Suggests a Bright Future of Cinema

Yumin Choi, Writer

April 26, 2019

“Black Mirror: Bandersnatch,” Netflix’s first-ever interactive film, was released on December 28, 2018. Throughout the film, viewers are given the opportunity to choose between two options, which lead to a range of plots ...

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