THURSDAY TUNES: Songs That Will Relax Your Mind









It’s customary for an average teenager to dislike the IB. Because who wants to sit through class on an uncomfortable chair at an uncomfortable desk 7 hours straight getting lectured at about the Pythagorean Theorem or the theories of attribution? The answer is nobody. But we endure the long school periods, the endless banters of our teachers’, the homework load and extracurricular hours that we must fulfill, anyway, because how else are we going to get into college and grow up to be the successful and independent businessperson our parents will be proud be have? So we’ll wake up every morning at an outlandish hour, go to sleep every night at an equally outlandish hour because the homework on our desk isn’t done, no thanks to procrastination. We’ll go to school the next day half asleep and do everything over again, it’s exhausting. As a teenager life can be pretty tough, and sometimes you’ll find yourself having no energy left for a “social life”, no energy left to “enjoy things”, “to have fun”. Just coping with your word load is like a chore, listening in class is like a spelling bee, note taking is a marathon, and revision is an un-climbable mountain. Sometimes all you need to do is put down your pen plug in your headphones, kickback, listen to some awesome songs and unwind.


–          The Moldy Peaches – Jorge Regula

–          I Sing, I Swim – Seabear

–          Don’t Watch Me Dancing – Little Joy

–          Welcome Home – Radical Face

–          Atlas Hands – Benjamin Francis Leftwich

–          Where We Gonna Go From Here – Mat Kearney

–          Young Blood (Renholder Remix)

–          The Naked and Famous

–          Crave You – Flight Facilities