UNIS APAC Band Performance in Hong Kong Was a Great Success















From February 27th to March 3rd, the UNIS APAC Band travelled to Hong Kong, in order to join five other schools (TCIS, SAS PD, SFS, WAB, and HKIS) and put on a huge concert. The APAC band worked hard to earn this, by practicing about 9 hours a day in a new environment.

But APAC Band people do not only address the practices and rehearsals that have been done, but also about socializing and meeting other people in other schools, as a great merit.

Yuri Murakami is a 10th grader whom has participated in this year’s APAC Band and says,

“This was my first time joining an APAC event and it appeared to be a really nice experience. Playing with other flutist from other schools was pretty cool because it was a great chance for me to learn some skills so that I could get better. Also, I got close with the UNIS APAC Band members. They made my trip exciting and I made a lot of memories with them.”

The UNIS APAC Band now wishes to bring the experiences in Hong Kong, and to develop the MSHS Band to such standard, along with looking forward for APAC Band 2014 in TCIS.