The Love That’s Given Is The Love That Lasts—Le Chauffage 3 Concert


Photo by Chau Nguyen

Early this January, during one of the coldest months of Hanoi, the city’s Grand Concert Hall once again sounded with a stir of life and ardent melodies. From Chopin, to Rachmanioff, Beethoven, to Paganini, the “Le Chauffage Concert: Journey to Heartbeat”  not only brought a vivid entrance into the new year, but it honed a meaningful cause as well Thanks to the two brilliant siblings, pianist Tran Le Bao Quyen and violinist Tran Le Quang Tien, the event was made possible, and is now in its third year running. With vast solos and an intricate duet, the fundraising concert has proved successful as ever.

Le Chauffage, while bearing the meaning of “heating”, or “to warm”, was originally curated under the theme of “Journey to Live” in 2019. In that following year, the siblings performed for a second Le Chauffage show: “Journey of Love”, though under the initial collaboration with the Chia Se Tinh Thuong (Sharing Love) group. Now in 2023, in the sibling’s third concert, “Journey to Heartbeat” once again joins in partnership with the Sharing Love foundation.

This year’s concert featured a dual 35 minute Beethoven sonata: No. 9 Op. 47 in A-major. Bao Quyen’s variation on “Là ci darem la mano”, Op. 2. Chopin’s Fantasie in F minor: Op. 49, a Rachmanioff piece: Piano Sonata No. 2, Op. 36 in B-flat minor, and possibly the most elaborate: Quang Tien on one of the hardest pieces composed for solo violin: Paganini’s “Nel cor più non mi sento: Introduction and Variation.”

With much of these intricate musical compositions and mastery in each, it is certain that the siblings bear talent to their name. Yet nonetheless, what had moved much of the audience, and lead to the appreciation for their talent, was what they decided to do with their gift in music.

“Le Chauffage: Journey to Heartbeat,” premiered this year with the help of the local humanitarian sponsor, Sharing Love, in an effort with the VinIF foundation. Established in 2004, the charity group works to collaboratively raise awareness on the plight of children in poor living conditions, as well as act on their behalf. While the organization has operated amply and fruitfully since its inception, the concert has worked to shed light on their poignant mission.

Together with the charity, the concert roared with success, and the two musicians were able to contribute to this moving cause, while simultaneously doing what they love most. Having previously left their home country for Germany in order to pursue classical music, the musicians share a deep fondness for Vietnam, and to be able to perform for such a meaningful purpose, they share a keen interest and enjoyment to continue this tradition.

“Le Chauffage, after nearly 3 years of reluctant postponing, finally gave me the chance to come back and be a part of this charity project,” shared Bao Quyen. “I feel extremely grateful for my life, and for these blessings and opportunities that I have received. The opportunity to meet teachers with a heart and a vision. The opportunity to meet Dr. Lan Hieu and the people of the Chia Se Tinh Thuong group, as well as the VinIF Foundation,” she imparted in an interview.

After further discussion, it was discovered that their selection in performance pieces was to express the abundant love and gratitude that the siblings, or specifically Bao Quyen, had felt for the team and people behind the event.

“That is why the works I choose to perform this time will be the songs of the Romantic Period—works that seem to have gone beyond the orderly framework, and are the flow of happiness, ecstasy, and singing,” she shared. “There, I could express my love and gratitude to my parents, to everyone in the charity group, as well as the VinIF foundation—they’ve put a lot of effort into realizing this charity concert together.”

With the success of their musical performance, the two siblings directed all funds from the concert into both charity foundations in support of the construction of learning facilities in remote districts. After its unexpected prosperity, they hope to continue flourishing this act of service in the near future, to continue building and strengthening and sharing the love with every family.