Under the Radar: Ombre hair takes hold at UNIS Hanoi

Miley Cyrus has done it, Lea Michelle has done it, Dakota Fanning has done it, and now UNIS Middle and High School students are doing it too! It is the ombre hair!!! The ombre trend has bounced from clothing to nails and now it has landed on hair!!!

Girls around the UNIS campus have been caught bombarding their ends with a little stab of color. This popular two toned hair trend has become increasingly popular around the UNIS campus and it looks like more and more girls are getting in on the buzz.

This fading hair trend is not only easy to maintain but it isn’t as harmful as say, dying your whole head of hair? For those of you who want a little spunk to your boring average every day girl hair style but are worried about the nasty chemicals destroying your roots, ombre hair is definitely the healthy way to go.

Originally worn by women who were too lazy to touch up their hair, this trend once due to laziness is now the must have hair. Go figure, huh?! What are you waiting for?! Go color your tips now! There’s a vast selection of colors down at your local hairdresser for you to choose from: blue, green, red, blonde, purple, pink..the list goes on! Can’t pick? Who says you can’t go for them all?

Still having ombre hair commitment issues? Take a look at our UNIS fashionistas that are owning this trend:

Photos by Barbara Vu Thien and Hung Ngyuen

Are YOU Under the Radar?