Under the Radar

Under the Radar with Lan Hoang (Lana Pham)

About Lan: Grade 10 student, some people call her Lana, Lusia, Lan or L-dawg. Known for her amazing sport skills, as she is involved in basketball, football, volleyball and basically everything we have to offer on the UNIS Hanoi campus. On top of all that, she also likes to dance. What more can she be? Well now, she is under the radar and she will give you an insight to her own little fashion world.

So, I know some people spend a lot of time getting ready in the morning, how about you, how do you get ready to school?

Basically, when I wake up I just take the first things I see in the closet and put them on. I don’t really pay attention to what exactly I am going to wear, but not to embarrass myself with a bad first ‘reaching out’ piece, I usually pick clothes the evening before, I mean how bad would it be to come to school in a pajama.. Because that’s what I reached out for…

Many people consider themselves as trend setters, they usually have a certain style they like to follow and explore through their clothing, and how would you describe yours?

I wouldn’t say that I have a certain style. I like everything that’s comfortable and loose. Usually just a tank top with shorts. I’m still a girl though, so I sometimes like to make an effort and dress up a little.

Often fashion can be considered inspiration, do you think there is something that inspires you to wear certain things?

I don’t really get inspired for what I wear…

 I can see that most of your clothes are very simple, most of them are from H&M, do you think brand names are important?

No, brand names are not important to me at all. I wouldn’t mind wearing a piece of clothing from a not known shop. As long as I like it, I buy it.

Where do you usually shop for clothes?

Personally, my favorite shops are River Island and H&M. I would say that most of my clothes are from those shops and maybe Zara, Bershka and skate shops. But I admit that I do have a lot of clothes from random brands.

Is fashion important to you?

Fashion is not that important to me. I’m not the kind of girl that’s totally into fashion. I mean, I do enjoy looking at fashion sites or watching fashion shows, but I just wouldn’t consider myself as a real ‘fashionista’.

What is your favorite piece of clothing in your closet?

I wouldn’t say that I have any favorite one since most of them are just basic pieces of clothing. But, I’ll admit that I really like one of my high-wasted shorts plus my hippie tank top from Top Shop.

Fashion comes and goes, it changes from season to season, what do you think is your favorite time of the year?

My favorite season is Autumn, especially in Viet Nam, since for me, it’s not that cold and it’s not that hot. It’s perfect. So basically I can wear whatever I want to. Even when it’s raining I can wear my shorts and not complain about how cold it is, and when the sun comes up I can still wear long sleeves shirts without sweating like a pig. Not that I swear like a pig, I don’t know if pigs sweat, but when it gets hot, I sure do.

It’s always good to keep up with the new trends. What is your favorite fashion magazine or website?

My favorite magazine is VOGUE, Glamour or Cosmopolitan, I like to read all three, sometimes all at once.