Introducing “Under the Radar”

An incredibly modest and humble introduction? We’d rather not.

We’re here to celebrate the brewing community of artists and budding fashion entrepreneurs in the UNIS community. We’re scouring the classrooms for the latest UNIS fashion and beauty trends, what’s in, what’s out and crafty, quirky fashion divas who are making waves at school.

Welcome to the “Under the Radar” Segment of The Flame, where you read cool posts and think happy thoughts. For our first column we’ve interviewed Grade 11 student Phuong Le.


“I like being a woman, even in a man’s world. After all, men can’t wear dresses, but we can wear the pants.” — Whitney Houston


Photo by Phuong Le

Phuong Le, Grade 11, goes by the nickname Fugi, art enthusiast, ukulele hoarder but aspires to be a guitar hoarder, museum lover, bike rider, dog person, smoothie indulger, allergy prone, occasionally suffers from temporary blindness, motherly figure, into chubby gingers, music snob. Meet Phuong.

How would you describe your style?

“In my opinion, my style isn’t distinct enough for me to classify, it changes from a day-to-day basis. However if I had to describe it with a few words, I’d say I generally wear things that are comfortable but also quite formal and dressy at the same time.”

Photo by Hung Nguyen

Why is fashion important to you?

“I don’t exactly consider myself someone who is crazy about fashion, but I do think it is fun to play around with different pieces and come up with your own style of clothing. Plus, being able to experiment with new and different trends is really interesting too.”

Where do you draw inspiration from?

“Sometimes when I’m looking at online tabloids, I browse through the fashion section and look at new trends, which is where I sometimes find inspiration. Other times, I’d just come up with outfits in my head based on the pieces I already have after seeing what people wear on the streets or around school.”

What is/are your fashion staple(s)?

“My fashion staple would definitely be my denim blouse. It isn’t really an original or statement piece, but I find that it is extremely versatile and ties every outfit together. It also serves as a great replacement for cardigans and looks much more casual too. I just love my denim blouse and I wear it almost every day!”

What is your favorite place to shop and why?

“Just the usual stores like H&M, Forever 21, Zara, Urban Outfitters, etc. because you can always find the latest trending items there. But lately I’ve also been browsing through stores in the Hanoi old quarter too. I find that they sell some really nice quirky pieces for a reasonable price. I definitely suggest you check it out if you’re looking to shop in Hanoi.”

Photo by Hiong Lin Tam

What are your favorite fashion colors?

“Personally, I am not a fan of bright and bold colors, I don’t feel like I’m brave enough to experiment with them anyway, which is probably why I prefer understated nude shades like cream, mint, sky blue and light pink. I also like some darker colors like crimson and indigo as well.”

What is your favorite piece in your closet and why?

“My favorite piece of clothing would probably be my sheer H&M black collared dress. Despite its simplicity, I find the cut is quite flattering and it’s also an elegant design, which I really like. If I could, I’d wear it every day, but that would be a little bit gross now wouldn’t it!”

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