The Flaming Weekly World News #2

Weekly World News

  1.   New Law in France – Green Roofs

On Thursday this week, France declared that the rooftop of a new building build in the commercial zone must be covered partially by plants or solar panels. This would isolate the building and prevent it from heating during summer and being too cold during the winter. This is also meant to reduce the energy required to heat or cool the building. Having plants would serve as a spot for birds to build their nests, according to ecologists. The green roof law is quite popular in countries such as Germany and Australia. In the city of Toronto, Canada, it is mandatory for buildings and residential housed to have green roofs.


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  1.            Increasing Air Pollution in Paris

As the pollution in Paris continues to worsen, the mayor’s office made an announcement on Saturday, 21st March that only vehicles with an odd-numbered plate, vehicles that run on electricity or are hybrids, and vehicles with more than three passengers are permitted on the street. In addition, public transport will be free, as well as the bike and electric car service.

My personal opinion on the matter is that this seems like a great plan to reduce the air pollution, but I feel like it is a bit unfair as only people with odd-numbered plated vehicles are permitted to drive. But it does make sense to have at least some cars on the street otherwise all the public transportation would be totally packed. The frequency of the bus would increase as most of the roads would be clear, but there might not be a huge change in the frequency of the metro. images

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  1.           New Treatment for Alzheimer

A team from the Queensland Brain Institute (QBI) at the University of Queensland has found a way to treat the neurological condition known as Alzheimer’s. This new treatment uses non-invasive ultrasound technology that removes the neurotoxic amyloid plaques. In Alzheimer’s patients the neurotoxic amyloid plaques cause memory loss and a decline in cognitive function. This treatment has been tested on mice and it was able to restore memory of 75% of the mice. The team will continue be testing this treatment on bigger animals and are hoping to successfully restore human memory in 2017.




  1.            Hacking of ISIS Supporters on Twitter

The hacker group, Anonymous has teamed up with GhostSec and CtrlSec, two other hacker teams, to expose the names of 9,200 twitter users who they claim are associated with ISIS. The hash tags they are using are #OpISIS and #OpIceISIS via the twitter account, @xrsone. They are asking the American government to pay them in bitcoins.





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