Alpha and Omega Week 2

Alpha: Hello again everyone! We are back for our second week to provide you with all your love needs

Omega: Yeah hi

A: Just to clarify, I am the one who writes all the introductions while Omega reads the anonymous concerns at the last minute and sends me like a paragraph….

O: Hey! That was supposed to be a secret

A: Whatever, so, you might be wondering why we were a little late, and the absolute truth is that Omega was procrastinating until Friday and we missed the article deadline.

O: Dude, you’re killing my reputation

A: What reputation…

O: Alright enough with the disrespect, let’s move on to this weeks question:

Today’s Story:

“So, I like this guy from my grade and I have know him for about 7 years. Anyways, we aren’t “close” friends but just friends. One thing I don’t understand is that sometimes, he acts like my best friend and we laugh and have inside jokes and stuff, and gives me these mixed signals. Like I don’t know if he likes me or just being nice to me, because he really knows how to make a girl feel special, and I just don’t know what to do…I like him, like really really like him. I talk to my friends about him and romanticize his every move and I want him to like me back, but I just don’t know. I get jealous when he laughs with another girl, is that normal? what do i do?”


A: This is actually a very common concern people have. I often contemplate this as well, when I don’t know if the person genuinely likes me or is just being a very close friend. I understand you can’t stop romanticizing every word and every move, but I don’t have a clear solution as well. I have been through this; I was “wasting” time on thinking about whether I should make a move on them, and before I realized, it was too late and they left the school. So an advice from the bottom of my heart is that “the result? it doesn’t even matter, in the end, what really hurts is that you didn’t have the chance to find out”

O: Yeah this is a pretty generic question, I don’t think I have anything else to contribute…

A: Well you don’t have anything else to fulfill your creativity for CAS 🙂

O: …I have had plenty friends who gave me mixed signals but I never actually had strong feelings for them. But also, you have to understand that you have probably unnoticingly given some people mixed signals as well. From my perspective, that is the “beauty” of mixed signals. It could be intended but most times, they aren’t. So I don’t have an anecdote to elaborate on this like Alpha, but my little piece of advice is, “you won’t be able to find out whether that signal is intended or not if you don’t ask”

A: I know Omega and I, gave you the same advice, but its because these we are really speaking from our experience, we KNOW that asking the person isn’t an easy job, but we agreed that there isn’t a better solution……. we wish you good luck 🙂

O: And don’t forget to submit any concerns and/or stories to