Dr. Alpha & Dr. Omega, the Doctors of Love

Greetings to all,

Our names are Alpha and Omega, your – soon to be- love consultants.

We have been discussing about what really affects our lives, the student life, and we thought that relationships, healthy relationships, are really important in our generation. And to be honest, they are what define “High School” after all. We have seen and realized that sometimes relationships become the drive or catalyst for studying and etc. However,  they more than often tend to distract us from what is really important.

So, Omega and I wanted to start up a series of love consults, to encourage healthier relationships among our community.

And honestly, Omega and I are students as well; we know that all the “advisory-relationships-advice” are simply boring and not so helpful. Therefore, we will try to offer the best of our own opinions on your concerns.

I will try to be as caring and optimistic as possible but Omega won’t be as considerate, so beware of some stings…


You can send any kinds of relationship concerns to (AlphaOmegaUNISFlame@gmail.com) with questions about your simple crushes, unhealthy relationships, conflicts between couples, break-ups and etc.

And don’t you worry! it will be COMPLETELY ANONYMOUS, even the Chief Editors won’t know what you send us.


So here is how it will go, we do have a sample anonymous question:

“So I like this guy from grade(s) above me and he has a girlfriend, but can I at least become close with him? like chatting over Skype or Facebook? Although, I won’t be able to go out with him, I still want to be close with him, Will it be okay?”

Alpha: I can personally relate to this so I understand your situation by heart; I like this person but she has her significant other, but again, I still want to be friends. And it is completely normal to think that but I think that sometimes, even if you don’t intend it, you get that spirit of competition and THAT is not not okay. I personally was in that situation and when I realized it was wrong, I simply dropped it. So if you really like this guy, watch him be happy, casually say hi, but nothing too intimate. If something goes wrong with him and his girlfriend, yeah girl, go get him. If they have a happy happy relationship, wish him luck and move on. However, do not interfere in-between to make situations better for you, and I don’t even have to explain why. Anyway, good luck 🙂

Omega: oh sweet Alpha, he gives you all those sweet sweet words. But girl, I will give you some very different advice, and it is your choice to choose. So, you like this guy? Then I really do not see the point of this concern, if you like a person, you go for it and leave no regrets. And YES, the guy has a girlfriend but I didn’t say you should walk up to him and say, “Hey, I have a crush on you, break up with your girlfriend and go out with me”. That is too unethical, even for me. So to give you some serious advice, I just want to tell you that just being close to him isn’t going to hurt anyone is it? I mean unless you try to Skype him like once a day or something, no one is going to tell you that it is wrong. Why would it be? It’s called “socializing”. And Alpha talked about how you could interfere in their relationship, but please, if the guy isn’t a nut job, he won’t budge. If anything happens between them, none of it is your fault, and – to quote Alpha -“yeah girl, go get him”. You will do fine, don’t worry.


Oh lastly, we got our names from the Greek Alphabet, Alpha (α) and Omega (ω) but we were mostly inspired by a quote from the bible;

“I am the Alpha and the Omega, the first and the last, the beginning and the end (Revelation 22:13)”.

So we want to be part of your concerns from the start to the very end!