Alpha and Omega Week 3 – Promposals

Alpha: Welcome!

Omega: (cutting in) To another consult….

A: Come on Omega, more enthusiasm

O: Okay, “Welcome to another consult, where new loves flowers like cherry blossoms, and hard feelings melt like…. uh……Olaf”

A: Nevermind, I am expecting too much from you…..

O: Yeah…. you know I was eavesdropping on people in the library talking about us and they were saying how we are a little vague in our advice

A: Yeah, our editor also commented something like that as well

O: So should we take it more seriously now?

A: Alright, lets change some things around

O: Ok…?

A: So everyone, we have decided that I, Alpha, will be focusing on giving an extended advice on mostly the long stories, while Omega will be focusing on answering numerous short stories.

O: therefore, I will be actually work to some extent

A: And everyone! Now you can either send your consults to or submit it through the google form, since many were complaining about the half-anonymity policy.

O: So! Don’t be afraid to send in anything! It doesn’t have to be long, one person this week simply sent in “how do I ask someone to prom?” And that is totally fine!

O: Okay, that was enough for the introduction, lets get to work quickly because I have to study for test.

Today’s Story:

“I really like this guy in my grade, but the thing is, he’s my best friend. I’ve known him for my whole high school career at UNIS, and he’s helped me through a lot of things like past break-ups and make-ups, as well as ups and downs. I feel like he has been a father figure to me, but I don’t know if he feels the same way towards me as I do, or can respond to me the way I want him to. The trouble with this is that if I make my move, it will ruin our friendship forever. What should I do at this point? I feel like I am stuck at an impasse. Should I keep it at his, or move forward?”

A: Omega wanted me to answer this one because he wanted to hear my advice for it. I think Omega feels very sympathetic for this story

O: Oh just start it, would you…

A: So, to be honest, this is really hard to answer. I always personally feel that in almost all friendships, as you get closer and closer with that person, one side is bound to develop feelings for the other. But the impasse is that, at that point, you are so close to that person that you can’t even distinguish whether his/her action is meaningful or is a casual joke, and vice versa; you can’t really give the other person signals that you have feelings for him/her because you are not sure if they would take it seriously. People say, “there is a thin line between being really close and like someone,” and I just want to advise you to “stay true to your feelings”.

I can tell you a story of my friend and his crush. I will call them, John (my friend) and Sarah (his crush). So John had a crush on Sarah, but before he developed his feelings, they were already too close. He became distressed that the only thing she came to him for was love advice. John initially acted really nonchalant and listened to her stories, but John would often tell me that the reason Sarah was into “the guys” was merely because they would remember her favourite snack and give it to her or something similar. John would often complain that “I know her way better than those guys”, so I told him the same thing “stay true to your feelings, tell her what you told me,” then about a month later, John told me that the other day, Sarah went like “John, this guy somehow remembered my favourite drink!! You know, he bought me……” and John cut her off and said “Smoothie King Lemon Twist Strawberry? With 50% sugar? With two straws?” then Sarah was kind of dumbfounded and I just know that John was sort of ranted at her for not noticing the very one who knew her the best, then told her his feelings and, well now they are doing very well.

John’s story is very dramatic, but what I want to say is that you don’t seem to have much time left, and you say you are scared to break the friendship, but deep inside, you know you will regret it if you don’t tell her your feelings. Don’t think too much, you already wrote your script; when you are ready, go up to him and repeat your story “you are my best friend. I’ve known you for my whole high school career at UNIS, and you have helped me through a lot of things like past break-ups and make-ups, as well as ups and downs. I feel like you have been a father figure to me, but I don’t know if you feels the same way towards me as I do you can take it as a compliment, but I wanted to say, I really like you

I wish you the best of luck.

Today’s Concern #1:

“How do I ask someone to prom?”

O: Ahhh, its already prom season (tears a little). So, you probably are starting to see your friends ask each other to prom with flowers and big prom signs and blah blah blah..but don’t let those “promposals” intimidate you (get it? IntimiDATE!). I know it might seem like a big job; having the confidence to give someone flowers while everyone is watching, and it is. But all things considered, you would much rather be giving a prom proposal than, say a marriage proposal, an EE proposal, and work proposal, and so on. You just have to tell yourself that in the worse case scenario, you don’t end up scoring the girl or the boy you want to hang out with for one evening just to get all dressed and stand around in some hotel an hour away, eating crappy little sandwiches and trying not to look stupid dancing. But I digress.

Regarding the promposal, there really isn’t a specific way to ask someone to prom. And thats the fun part! You could give her flowers and ask her to prom, but you can also give her an ice-cream and ask her to prom . Heck, Jed just baked some cupcakes that said ‘PROM?’ on it with icing, and Nina went nuts. And remember, you don’t need like a big build up to “asking the person to prom,”. It doesn’t need to be in front of the whole high school. And remember the most important aspect – promposals aren’t about who gives the best and most touching proposal, but who gives the most truthful proposals. Good luck!