Zombies invade UNIS Hanoi to wrap up Spirit Week

Two Grade 12 students get into the spirit of Zombie Day.

On Friday, November 2, UNIS Hanoi was invaded by zombies! The last day of the MSHS Spirit Week truly brought out the best in students throughout grades 6-12, from mouths full of blood to excruciating scars across their faces, UNIS students truly showed their undead enthusiasm.

The day began with a mysterious assembly at the theatre where all the high school students gathered in the dark. The vague light from the entrance doors to the theatre revealed some Grade 12 stduents doing the zombie pose with their hands out in the air and their backs hunched. The senior students were all dressed up in ripped clothes and they were all dripping in blood on stage and around the audience. At the beginning there were some technical issues with the sound, but most in the audience quickly guessed that this was going to be a “Thriller” dance.

All the seniors impatiently anticipated the music and so did the audience. After a short while of waiting Mr. Powers came in to entertain the audience as the sound was being fixed, some laughter lit up the room as he teased Laura Ramoso from grade 12 about getting slightly too excited and “getting ahead” from everybody else in becoming a true zombie as “she must be ahead in something…” Her mouth was full of blood that looked exceptionally real, and her face was painted in green and grey truly brought out her zombie side.

The short break ended with a howling sound of a wolf that filled the room and indicated the famous “Thriller” song by Michael Jackson. All of the seniors slowly made their way to the stage and began the iconic zombie dance. The dance was well synchronized and the music got everyone excited, it was a great way to start a Friday morning.

A lot of the students dressed up for this day, sacrificing their clothing for the occasion and experimenting with make-up to make their faces look rather terrifying and, well, dead. Or “undead,” more accurately. The zombie apocalypse day truly made school seem more entertaining and different, it was quite fun to see zombies sit in class and walk around the campus. Let’s hope we won’t have to experience a real zombie apocalypse, or… was it real?