UNIS Hanoi News: Get Your Curiosity Burning

The Flame

How to Stay Organized: Tips and Apps to try out!

Isabella Todini, Writer, Reporter

April 19

Filed under Lifestyle, Student Life

As a student, the workload you get can get overwhelming at times and this can lead to procrastination. With the Exams coming up in just a month, it is important to keep your workload organized so that you can study effectively....

Stuck in the System of Things

Maia Wallace, Writer

October 25

Filed under Lifestyle, Opinion, Student Life

We wake up, go through days we weren’t exactly looking forward to, repeat, and so on. But now it seems this isn’t just any other year. This is the year. The year so significant that my future college, career and heck, even my future fami...

UNIS Hanoi News: Get Your Curiosity Burning