2014 APAC Theatre Festival in Shanghai


On the 19th of February, UNIS’s APAC Theatre team is heading off for Shanghai to perform their excellent piece of drama in front of various other schools who will be attending the festival as well.

The way this  drama festival will work is that teams from various schools will be working in workshops and seeing each other’s performances. Our school has prepared a dramatic piece entitled ‘Dreams Coming to Life’ which focuses on a young girl who is having nightmares that are resulted from things happening in her daily life. This will be performed by a group of talented actors: Amara Anderson, Morgan Bradshaw, Ji Su Jeong, Nhi Lu, Tasha Lucas, Aiden McGibbon, Megan Newell, Nina Palosaari and William Wood. Every Tuesday and Thursday since before winter break, they have worked hard in creating and strengthening this piece.

Considering the old phrase “God helps the ones who help themselves”, due to their hard effort spent on this event, it is certain that our theatre team will successfully demonstrate what ‘real drama’ is to the public.

APAC Theatre festival began on  the 20th of February.