San-nate Workshop

The San-nate Elves

While actors are putting on their premium steel swords or silk dresses in the auditorium, 10 little elves are hunchback on a mountain of candy canes ready to be delivered to high school students tomorrow.

For the holiday season, the HS Senate offers students a chance to send other students sweet, delicious candy canes, of course, with a price. The prices are 10, 15 and 20 VND(thao), the increase in price ensure that the candy cane will be attached to a bigger card, because “bigger is better”.

Even then, students throw themselves at the candy cane table all week. By the end, the Senate has had to raise their candy cane capacity 4 times to “a humongous amount of 2500 candy canes” said the Senate Supervisor, Ms. McKellar. “Approximately, there are 500 students in the school”, accord to Mr. Jackson Garland, so that means that on average, each student has 5 candy canes.

Piles of Candy Canes

There are however also the high-rollers, according to Senator of 9JG Tae Heog Yang, “one class in grade 8 received the same amount of candy canes as Grade 11 and Grade 12 combined.” This does not mean that Grade 11 and 12s does not have the same amount of festive love like Grade 8s, it’s just that their love is more concentrated.

With such high amount of candy canes, surely, the Senate must be sitting on one pile of cash. However, when asked, Mr. Garland answered “Not much actually, there is little profit because the money goes to buying the candy canes and the cards.” As it turns out, when students buy the 10thao candy canes, the Senate is losing money. “It’s not about the surplus however,” Mr. Garland said, “surplus are nice as they will all go to charities in the end, but this, this is to have a sense of festivities around school.”

The Accountants

Candy canes will go out in homerooms tomorrow. Don’t be late, thanks your Senators and remember to brush your teeth tomorrow.