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The Flame

Senate: A Turn for the Authoritarian

Viet Than, Chief Editor

April 21

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On the 10th of April, at the poorly attended and publicized Senate Press Conference, the newly adopted Constitution was finally unveiled to the public, along with drastic changes to the election process. Before The Flame could...

First Year at UNIS Chapter 2: Buses

Linh Vu, Writer

March 30

Filed under Opinion

Last week, I was talking about my feelings about UNIS teachers. Continue with this series, I will talk about one problem that many students care about. It is not as important to our school as the teachers are, oops…! But they...

Why Do Parents Dislike Gaming?

Joya Tabe, Writer

March 24

Filed under Lifestyle, Opinion

Everyone loves to play games, even if this isn’t you – at some point in your life you've at least tried playing a game. Growing up with video games, we first encountered the Game Boy, the DS, as well as the Xbox! But foll...

Spring Fair Recap

Asare Konadu Buahin, Writer

March 22

Filed under Opinion, Top Stories

This past Saturday, UNIS once again hosted its annual Spring Fair. There were many different stands on display, from UNIS CAS groups raising money for their respective organization to food stands showcasing a selection from all...

UNIS Hanoi News: Get Your Curiosity Burning