Book Review: The Truth About Forever

Book Review: The Truth About Forever


The Truth About Forever, written by Sarah Dessen is a contemporary novel about the idea

of being perfect and doing things perfectly. Our main protagonist, Macy is obsessed with

perfection and tries to control every aspect of her life from her studies and her summer job to

her appearance and behavior around others. She spends her mornings cleaning her room, her

days sitting at the library information desk and her evenings studying SAT vocabulary. This is

how our ‘perfect’ Macy is spending her summer.

However, as we learn more about Macy, we realize that her life is anything but perfect. Macy

is still recovering from the sudden death of her father and as a result, she deals with her grief

and her fear of losing someone by narrowing her life to academics and her job. Her relationship

with her mother is very complicated as both of them are quite introvert and they have hardly

shared their feelings to each other since her father’s death.

Macy’s life turns upside-down when she lands herself a new job at Wish Catering where no one

is trying to be perfect and everything is a chaos. Surprisingly, it is in this chaos that Macy finally

realizes that in trying to attain perfection, she has stopped enjoying and living her life. You

might think that all the problems in Macy’s life is coming to an end and our heroine has finally

found happiness in chaos, however, when her perfect world collides with her chaotic world, she

must finally embrace one over the other. If you want to know which one she chooses, then you

must definitely read the book.

At the surface of this book might appear a story about a young teenage girl who is spending her

summer perfecting her life and detaching herself from everything that might possibly hurt her

but a deeper look into this novel reveals Macy’s inner struggles and conflicts in accepting her

father’s death and moving on with her life. There are many times when we can parallel our own

lives with some of the characters in this novel and that’s makes this book memorable.

The Truth About Forever conveys how one can find perfection and happiness in the midst of

chaos. We are always striving to be perfect and be the best in everything that we often forget

that it is our imperfections that make us real and human. We are so busy living in the future

that we forget to live in the moment and truly, enjoy our lives. It isn’t until Macy meets the

Wish crew that she truly realizes what she is missing out in life.

The Truth About Forever is filled with suspense, drama, romance, captivating dialogues, and

most importantly, relatable characters. Macy is smart, hardworking, and talented but it is her

strength and her vulnerability that makes her admirable as a character.

I truly loved reading this book and I strongly recommend you to borrow this book and I really

hope you enjoy reading it as much as I did.

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Happy Reading!