Invitational Swim Meet


The annual Invitational Swim Meet is coming up at UNIS in mid-November. However, unlike the previous two domestic swim meets, which only invited schools located in Vietnam, this meet is more international. Four schools from Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, and Guangzhou (China) will be joining this event.

This Invitational swim meet is an annual competitive match. According to the swimming coach, Mr. Andy, the purpose of this swim meet is to give an opportunity to the participating swimmers to meet various people from Southeast Asia and build up good sportsmanship as true sportsmen.

This event will be held for two days, from November 15 to November 16. Next Friday, the day this match starts, there will be 72 different events for swimmers from Elementary School to High School, and about 200 swimmers will be joining to enjoy these events. UNIS, as the hosting school, is willing to make the visitors feel comfortable during the two days and we strongly believe that this event will accomplish its goal of building sportsmanship among the swimmers from Southeast Asia.