New Faculty Profile – Marc Voicechovski New Athletic Trainer:


Do you have an injury that has been bothering you for a while? Did you know that a new member of our faculty can help you out? Marc Voicechovski is our school’s new athletic trainer. He moved here from New Jersey and has worked for many schools and some professional football teams before that. This is his first time working at an international school and seems to be settling quite well as a new member of the UNIS faculty. 

Not many people at UNIS know about this new resource and it is about time that everyone can get the help they need in order to represent our UNIS sports teams to their full capacity. Voicechovski focuses on “managing the prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation of injured UNIS athletes, students, and faculty.” 

It is incredibly useful to have an athletic trainer at a school because they are able to prevent injuries from happening or treat them once they have happened. Voicechovski has seen a wide range of injuries spanning from sprains and strains to fractures, and abrasions. “As of September 30th, my records show that I’ve seen 70 different injuries and have performed over 200 different treatments or consultations,” he said.

The key components of being an athletic trainer are quite similar to those of a physiotherapist. Voicechovski has “studied the human body extensively and learned various rehabilitation techniques to treat all types of injuries and conditions.” However, he also knows preventative methods for injuries as well as the care of minor and catastrophic injuries if they happen during a school event. 

In the upcoming APAC volleyball tournament in Shanghai, Voicechovski will be accompanying the girls and boys APAC Volleyball teams,  as well as, the APAC girls football team in April.

Voicechovski’s job consists of rehabilitating and preventing injuries of UNIS athletes and faculty. If you need a consultation from him, his athletic training clinic is in B2-G12. He accepts walk-ins, but if you would like to contact him, his email is He typically works from 10 am until 6 pm depending on the week. 

It is important to know where to seek help if you have an injury and understand that without treatment it will get worse. Teachers and students are welcome no matter how minor the injury. Thus, it is important that if you have an injury that you come and ask for some advice before it becomes too serious. Voicechovski said, “unfortunately, injuries are a part of playing sports but having an Athletic Trainer on staff is incredibly useful for injury reduction and proper care when they do happen.”