The Champions League football season gets underway


The Champion League 2012-2013, one of the most anticipated football competitions in the world, finally kicked off on Tuesday, Sept 18.

After a few months of hiatus, the league finally returned to satisfy die-hard football fans. This year, as always, there are 32 teams divided into 8 groups. The first place and second place in each group continue to the knockout phase.

This year, the reigning European Champion Chelsea will be looking to defend their first ever won title after a dramatic win over Bayern Munich on a penalty shootout.

Out of all groups, the group B, containing Real Madrid, Manchester City, Ajax and Dortmund, the four domestic respective champions of Spain, England, Netherland and Germany, was dubbed the “Death Group.”

Besides those four champions, the contenders for the Champion Cup are Barcelona, PSG, Arsenal, AC Milan, Manchester United, Bayern Munich and Juventus.

Students at UNIS seem to have different opinions on who the winners might be.

“Chelsea, who  have good youth, Eden Hazard, the most talented player, has a good start at the season. They have been undefeated. They have confidence and the morale is high,” – said Grade 11 student Lucas Prytz.

“It is too early to say. I’d love if Arsenal won it. I don’t think they are going to win. Maybe Madrid, Barcelona or Manchester United,” said Math teacher Mr. Moyale.

“Judging from the performance from the previous season, I believed that Real Madrid would most likely be the champion of this year Champions League,” said Grade 12 student Trung Nguyen.

The Champions League, one of the most exciting football competitions, will last till May 2013. Surely, there will be lots of exciting and high-stake matches. However, since the matches begin at 20:00 CET this means that anyone interesting in watching will have to sacrifice some sleeping time.

Mr. Moyale eagerly shared his experience: “Normally I get 6 – 8hrs of sleep, going to bed at 10:30ish and waking up 5:30ish. On a day when I have to watch a Champions League game I go to bed at 7:30ish  and wake up at 1:45am, six hours of sleep. I watch till 3:45ish – then get to do some work – marking and other stuff. Once in a while I will be able to go back to sleep, but usually it is highly unlikely.

The Champion League kicked off last week and the final match, hosted in Wembley Stadium, will take place on May 25, 2013.