The Flaming Weekly World News #5

1) Hatton Garden Heist


Image taken from The Daily Mail


  • During the Easter holidays around £200 worth of jewelry has been stolen from Hatton Garden in London. Experts say that the robbers have left the country.
  • The thieves inside the building had drilled into the elevator shaft after the security had left for their Easter holiday. They then disabled the alarms and started to slice through the 18 inch thick reinforced metal door.
  • The thieves abseiled down the elevator shaft to the basement and fled the crime scene with £200 million worth of jewelry.
  • Experts believe that they were professional criminals and had high tech equipment.




2) Marine animals going extinct due to acidification of the water.


Image taken from Haaretz


  • The ocean has rapidly started to absorb gas, due to the increase in carbon dioxide,
  • The last time this happened, 96% of the marine life became extinct.
  • Dr. Rachel Wood explained why this phenomenon increases the acidity in the ocean, “the rate of release is critical because the oceans absorb a lot of the carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere, around 30 percent of the carbon dioxide released by humans,” Wood said. “To achieve chemical equilibrium, some of this CO2 reacts with the water to form carbonic acid. Some of these molecules react with a water molecule to give a bicarbonate ion and a hydronium ion, thus increasing ocean ‘acidity’ (H+ ion concentration).”






3) Yemen Civil War (2015)


Image taken from The Elevation Station


  • An air strike attack led by Saudi Arabia killed a family of nine in Yemen.
  • The attack occured to prevent the Iranian-allied Houthis and former president Ali Abdullah Saleh from controlling Yemen, and reinstating Saudi-backed President Abd-Rabbu Mansour Hadi.
  • Due to the war, the navy forces evacuate their citizens and tourists from the war zone. Japan thanked China for evacuating Japanese tourist from Yemen and Indian Prime minister thanked Pakistan for the “humanitarian gesture” by evacuating Indians from Yemen.
  • The Indian navy evacuated 4,000 people from the war zone.







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