IB Exams provide the final test of high school for Seniors

The best and the worst thing to happen to a teenager is finishing high school.

This year’s seniors of UNIS Hanoi have been recently falling asleep on the couch in the common room and falling asleep on their lunch trays. Why you ask? Because now they are currently in the process of completing their IB course and getting through their final exams.

There are six subjects that the students are tested on, and on top of that there is the extended essay and theory of knowledge.  As we are all aware here at UNIS, they are all challenging in different ways. This is a very stressful time for the seniors; they are just a few days away from completing their high school struggle and starting a new journey to their dream university. Australia, America, Korea, UK and many more countries offer the best universities in the world that are full of opportunities for great students that strive for greatness and become global citizens and lifelong learners, because that is what the IB mission statement is all about.

So, we have interviewed some of the seniors after some of their exams, due to the fact that they were very busy cramming all the information before their next exam and asking their teachers very last questions, not all of them had the time to answer some of our questions (which is understandable, no hard feelings RUBY DAVIES).

What would be the best piece of advice for the next seniors, this year’s students in 11th grade?

“Study for the exams at least a month before. Manage your time well throughout the year. I had to stay up all night and cram all the information in before the exams. I am sleep deprived and that does not reflect well on the final examinations.”

How do you think you did?

“I think I did well, I studied for all my subjects throughout the year and managed to complete the exams so far at a good level.”

How about the mock exams, do you think they are useful?

“Definitely, I think they give us an idea of what’s to come and it helps us revise early for the real thing. It also shows us where we are and what more to revise.”

So, a word of advice from the seniors this year: juniors- manage your time well. Study early and systematically throughout the year for a better chance to succeed. Make sure you don’t pull the ‘all-nighter’ as it may reflect badly on the exams. We wish the seniors best of luck on their further journey in life. Future seniors, enjoy the common room, and remember to use that and the free time you have wisely as next year is crucial.