Events Committee Delivers Despite Restrictions


Senators give students pink hairspray for Spirit Week

Since the beginning of the school year, many HS events have successfully progressed despite COVID-19. Thus far, the school community has been able to maintain relative stability, even holding grade level events. Most recently, by coordination of the HS Senate Events Committee, the school conducted a spirit week under social distancing regulations.

In regard to the coming events over the next few months, the Events Committee has begun planning for both face to face and distance learning scenarios. Due to the differences between this year’s events and those of past years, the Events Committee were asked to prepare back-up plans for possible distance learning. 

According to the officers for the Events Committee, the committee plans to take “online action”, using digital platforms such as TikTok. Another possibility was using Instagram to connect with the student body during distance learning. 

Grade 12 student and Vice President of the Events Committee, Eileen Kang, said that they planned to keep the student body connected.“We will continue to organize virtual assemblies to update students,” Kang said. “We also plan to organize virtual events to maintain school spirit by utilizing social media platforms such as TikTok.”

Grade 11 student and Communications Officer for the Events Committee, Huy Nguyen, explained that they had planned to make their activities relevant to the situation of social distancing, should it arise. “An example would be providing tips for students to stay active and healthy during distance learning and quarantine,” Nguyen said.

The Events Committee also planned events for in-person learning that aimed to be relaxing and engaging. “We would create bake sales, outdoor activities, concert or movie night, as well as fun activities for the students,” Nguyen said.

However, it was discussed by the officers that many ideas would not be possible as they required direct contact and interactions between students. “Even though we are back in school, there are many restrictions at the moment events involving direct physical contact,” Kang said. “Therefore, the events we have in mind are virtual/homebase-based activities.”

COVID-19 has substantially changed school life. To keep the UNIS community as safe as possible from this epidemic, the Events Committee stated that the student body should understand that events would not look the same as they did in the previous years, and emphasized that student understanding of the limited scope of the execution of events is crucial in executing them in an easy and safe manner. 

As such, both Kang and Nguyen suggested that it would be a help with the feedback from the student bodies so that the activities provided would be both fun and available. “To help the events to progress faster, the student body should help us as well and provide feedback to us via email or the Senate Instagram,” said Nguyen. “We would love constructive feedback from students, and would also appreciate suggestions from the student body.”

The Events Committee faces a tough year ahead of them, but it looks like they will be able to continue to put on events for the student body, regardless of the situation. “It is best to prepare for any kind of situation that could happen,” Kang said. “The Events Committee this year is facing an enjoyable challenge as we need to consider extraordinary circumstances when organizing an event.”