The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo Review

The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo is a historical fiction novel written by Taylor Jenkins Reid, about a  79-year-old Hollywood star who decides to do a final interview with an unknown journalist, Monique Grant. Monique herself is in the midst of a midlife crisis: her husband has just left her and her professional life has hit a wall. When she is offered to do the interview, Monique is somewhat skeptical as Evelyn refuses to tell her why she’s been offered the opportunity. She eventually decides to use the opportunity to give her career a push. Evelyn ultimately admits the reason why Monique was offered the interview gig, revealing an unexpected connection in their lives. . Monique listens to Evelyn as she retells her story as she made her way in Hollywood. The novel is divided in seven parts: one for each one of her seven husbands. As Evelyn tells Monique her story, we discover the answer to the one question everyone wanted to know: Who was the one great love of Evelyn Hugo’s life?


Evelyn is a very strong female lead character and throughout her story, we see the things she has had to do in order to earn a reputation. She is unapologetic in her decisions and never holds back in order to get the things she wants. Evelyn is a very nuanced character, one could say atypical in the way that she handles her fame. The book is hard to put down once you’ve started it; the interesting character development and fast moving plot are enchanting. Additionally, Reid’s well-written, poetic tone is thought-provoking. This story deals with rather heavy topics, such as grief and loss, race, and sexuality, though it is done in a way which balances the movement of the plot, the character’s unique experiences, and how they affect her. Since this story takes place over many decades, there is a lot of character development, not only of Evelyn herself, but also of the many side characters who surround her through her career. Overall, this novel is a must-read and a beautiful story.