What do new students need to know about the UNIS campus?

Welcome, new students of UNIS! It has been roughly 4 weeks since school officially started. This new school year where everything is new, a new environment with new friends, might have been either hard or easy for you so far. I know that teachers and friends have told you a lot about the core features of UNIS, but there are many other cool facts that you may not have noticed just yet! So I have summed up a few of these tips that I have learned in the past that could hopefully help you in your school life beyond studying. For example, at UNIS, there are great places that you might want to visit, some hobbies that you can practice, or just random features around campus that you have yet to see!

You may know some of them already, but I believe that you will definitely be able to learn at least a few more things by reading further. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Library:
  • World language books: There is a range of world language books, including German, Korean, and Japanese books, available in the library. Many people miss these splendid collections of foreign language books as it is located on the right shelf far back of the library (around the self-study corner). These books are mainly fictional and have varying levels for both middle and high school. If you want to check if there are any books of your own mother tongue, you are more than welcome to visit this library area!
  • Self-study corner: Some people may already know about this corner, and some will probably never care, but if you want a private and quiet place to study, this is the place! It is located in the furthest right corner of the library (when you enter the library) and has a number of separated desks for you to do some productive work whenever you desire. Please note that this is an individual studying place, thus, avoid bringing a friend in order to make sure you are not disturbing others who want to quietly study in this facility.
  • Genre books: This is something that is new this year! In the Fiction area of the library, instead of having the books in alphabetical order of the names of its authors, the librarians have separated them into different genres: Romance, Thriller, Realistic, Supernatural, etc. I think that this is an awesome idea that can be very useful for those who are interested in a specific type of book.
  • Coloring section: Coloring has been proven to help you relax your stressed mind so it’s very convenient that our library provides coloring for you! It is located on the high table at the back of the library. You will be able to find a range of colored pencils, markers, along with coloring papers of different designs and illustrations. Feel free to grab one and do some coloring!
  1. Art center:
  • Clean and large toilets: I guarantee that the best toilets in school are located in the Art Center. Specifically, on the first floor of the art center, the toilets rooms are very big, clean, and are less smelly than any of the other toilets in the school campus. If you have an OCD about cleanliness, the Art Center toilets will definitely be the place you want to go to stay happy, perhaps even when you are in B5 or B6. I’m guessing no one would really want to go the distance, but maybe! You never know!
  1. Sports Center:
  • The Gym is open for all HS students after school: Yes, it is open for all of us! You do not need to book it or get permission beforehand, just come and do some exercise to help you stay fit! Ask your friends to come along! The supervisor could be helpful, depending on your own fitness level and practice. Remember that gym is not only good for your physical health, but also your mental health.
  • Open tables and benches: In the sports center, there are super cool places to sit, look at the sky, and think about life. If you just want a quiet place to sit and chat with your friends, these benches are amazing. There are some quiet ones next to the sports center (leading to the back field), and there are some beside the community garden at the back of the B5 building. They are great as they are super quiet and intimate!
  1. Other random facts:
  • HS world language teachers have been in UNIS for a very long time! Ms. Hoa, Ms. Choi, and Madame Do have all been here for a long time. Specifically, Ms. Hoa, the Vietnamese teacher, has been here for around 20 years, devoting many years of her life to the UNIS students! Ms Seran has also been in UNIS as a Korean teacher for more than 10 years! (WOW!)
  • Future leaders door: There is a door outside of B5 (opposite to the canteen), on your way to the sport center, called “Future Leaders”. Go check it out because it is one of the coolest things around the campus!
  • There are about 67 nationalities among the students and faculty in UNIS, but in HS, approximately, 18-19% are Vietnamese and another 18-19% are Korean.

That’s it for this time, but if we find out any other cooler, hidden things at UNIS, we will share it in another article. We hope that this and any following articles could help your school life in UNIS in some way!