Mia’s Food Corner: Vietnamese Rolled Sesame Cookies (with pictures)

Mias Food Corner: Vietnamese Rolled Sesame Cookies (with pictures)

    Happy Tet everyone! One more vicious school week to go and then we are off for another holiday! So I hope you are excited as I am and getting ready to celebrate Tet with this week’s super easy Vietnamese dessert 🙂 You might be wondering why in the world would rolled cookies be Vietnamese. The answer is, many Vietnamese cuisines have a VERY strong French influence, considering the historical impact that the French had over Vietnam. Well, back to the food. If you don’t have a grinding machine, that’s fine for me, as I have discovered a better, easier way to make these stunning, spectacular dessert and get you prepared for the holiday.

What you will need:

60g wheat flour (all purpose flour is totally fine)

60g white sugar

2 chicken eggs

50g butter (no salt)

5g vanilla starch

1 tablespoon black sesame (white sesame, chopped almonds are perfect substitutes as well 🙂 )

1 frying pan (nonstick), chopsticks to roll


          Step 1: Add eggs, sugar into clean bowl.

             Step 2: Stir it well until sugar is melted.


                 Step 3: Cut butter into small cubes. Put in microwave about 30 seconds to melt.

                     Step 4: Pour slowly butter into mixture in step 2. Stir well in 5 – 7 minutes.

                     Step 5: Add black sesame, wheat flour, vanilla starch into mixture in step 4.


          Step 6: Continue to stir well until these ingredients combine together. This is a very important step if you want to succeed in making this dessert, as you don’t want flour clumps when cooking it.

           Step 7: You can test by using a spoon to scoop a little mixture in step 6, pour slowly. If it flows in line, it is good. If it is thick, you can add more fresh milk. And if it is thin, you can add more wheat flour.

           Step 8: Heat the pan.

           Step 9: Use the medium heat, scoop 1 spoon mixture in step 7 and pour into the pan, spread steadily and thinly.


         Step 10: After fried in 1 – 2 minutes, you can see the edge of cake turns brown yellow. Change its face and continue to fry until it turns yellow.

        Step 11: Pour on plate, quickly put chopstick on one edge of cake and roll it. You should do this process when cakes are still hot.


Afterwards, leave the cookies to cool so that they can turn crispy. I’m pretty sure the creamy butter and sesame will melt in your mouth the moment you give these delish heaven a try 🙂 Happy Tet!

                  Mia xx                                                                        Recipe from: Vietnamese Food Team