Poetry: Whispers of Yuki Larrone

They didn’t know how to disappear.

Word of mouth spreads like a disease 

Rumours filled the air with smoke

too thick to breathe.

Blind secrets too sick to leave

Any and everything under the sun

could be whispered about Yuki Larrone.


A creature of the moon.

Bringer of sunshine doom.

But no one really knew

Those were just secrets, just some

whispers we knew of Yuki Larrone.


No one heard the screams.

The nights spent sobbing at the stars

and days spent drawing Daisy scars

Flowers that saw more of the sun

than the beautiful face of Yuki Larrone.


They would never understand.

Through the foggy mystery

There lay a hazy history

A past of twisted rainbow fun

was all we knew of Yuki Larrone.