Digimon Adventure Tri – the new Digimon Adventure Film

EDSeries: Digimon

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Comedy, Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

First it was Dragon Ball. Then it was Naruto. And now, it’s none other than the anime classic, Digimon! Hold on to your seats because the new Digimon Adventure Tri movie it set to be released on November 21, in Japan. This movie will serve as a direct sequel to the original series Digimon Adventure and will celebrate the anime franchise’s 15th anniversary (feeling old yet?). Digimon Adventure Tri will be a six-part episode movie that will be released over the course of the years.

How much do we know about this Film?

Well to start with, an important feature to note is the song that is used in the sneak peek! The song is called ‘Butterfly’, which is the iconic Digimon opening song for the Japanese version of Digimon Adventure. This is a remake of the song and it gives a fresh feel to the audience. Similarly, the Digidestined starts a new chapter of their lives in the film.

And of course, the original Digidestined have all grown up. This could be an important factor on how the film would play out. Also, it will also make all the Digimon fans out there go crazy as we desperately want to know how the characters have grown and developed since we last saw them.

The animation has drastically improved compared to its original series. The background feels more realistic and the characters look more realistically created, appearing much clearer compared to its original sequel. The fighting scene especially, in the sneak peek, looks a lot more aggressive which could contribute to the drama and action that we have all been looking for in Digimon.

Much excitement and anticipation to be filled during the winter anime season as all we can do now is to wait for the new Digimon Adventure Tri film to be released in Japan and hopefully worldwide as well.