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UNITEES – Tees that Unite and Make a Change

Barbara Vu Thien, Flame Reporter

December 3, 2012

Bored with plain white t-shirts? Don’t have anything to wear to school? Well say no more because the UNIS microfinance group is creating UNITEES (get it? Unity, tees, UNIS… it’s pure genius). Hold on, you can also help ...

K-pop Festival in Hanoi

So Hee Jeong, Flame Reporter

December 3, 2012

The "K -pop Festival 2012 - Concert in Vietnam" gathered around almost 30,000 fans from Hanoi, at My Dinh Stadium on 29th, November 2012. The event was held by the Korean Broadcasting Corporation and VK Media from Vietnam. Th...

APAC Choir – A Story of Success

VIet Than, Chief Editor

November 26, 2012

APAC Choir might have been UNIS’s first APAC event, but Choir Director Brendan McGibbon and Activities Director Dirk Kraetzer with the cast of the UNIS Choir sure didn’t disappoint on Saturday night alongside their fellow choirmates. The individual shows were sho...

Spirit Week’s YOLO Day takes UNIS by storm

Anna Le Hai, Flame Reporter

November 8, 2012

Fluorescent colors, ‘90s patterns, Ray-Bans, sweatpants, every single trend and style was seen around UNIS on Thursday, November 1, as part of Spirit Week’s YOLO Day. MSHS students all over campus were seen wearing their...

Under the Radar

Under the Radar

September 28, 2012

New High School Counselor arrives at UNIS Hanoi

August 28, 2012

This year UNIS has made a change to employ a new High School Counselor in order to focus mainly on grades 9 and 10. This new counselor is Mr. Tanya Arnold. Previously UNIS only had one High School counselor. The addition of a new counsel...

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