High School Basketball Recap

The months of March and April are very busy for senior high school students all over the world. Around this time most are finalizing their college choices and preparing for their final exams. These months, however were a bit more strenuous for several of the top high school basketball prospects as they took part in the McDonalds All- American Game, The Jordan Brand Classic and the Nike Hoop summit.


Here’s a recap of the 3 games


McDonalds All- American
Hosted by McDonalds, the top men and women’s high school basketball prospects came together at the Ronald McDonald house to participate in not only basketball clinics, but also a charitable effort lead by McDonalds that helps many young unfortunate kids. The players also took took part in the McDonalds All Amrerican Skill Games prior to its all star game that took place 2 days afterwards. Some of the players used this opportunity to bond with their future college teammates, while others, such as Antonio Blakeney and Isaiah Briscoe used it as a recruiting opportunity by trying to lure the few uncommitted, 5 star ranked players to their respective college basketball teams


Jordan Brand Classic

The Jordan Brand Classic was established by Michael Jordan, and is the most laidback game that the players participate in. Jaylen Brown, a top recruit who participated in the NBA All Star Game-esque showcase thought it was a “really good experience” and noted that he received “many free shoes”. Players usually participate in the Jordan Brand Classic to have fun before they go to college and see the sights of New York City, where it’s annually held.


Nike Hoop Summit
The Nike Hoop Summit, held once a year since its establishment in 1995, serves as a scouting opportunity not only for those playing in North America, but also for those outside of North America 19 or under. Upon arrival, the players were split into the World team, coached and mentored by Canadian coach Roy Rana, and the US team, coached by Eric Flanery, a very well-known high school coach in the U.S. Players participated in clinics that improved their game and gave them many opportunities to showcase their skills to scouts

Key Players

Ben Simmons

Despite the Australian native choosing to omit the Jordan Brand Classic, many college and NBA analysts believe that without the one-and-done rule on all north american high school players, he would be enjoying the life of an NBA player. What many love about him is his versatility and feel for the game that he showcased at both the Nike Hoop Summit, where he posted a near triple double with 13 points 9 rebounds and 9 assists. And at the McDonalds All American games, where he posted 7 points 10 rebounds and 3 assists.

Chieck Diallo

Diallo participated in all three games and significantly leaped on almost every national recruiting service’s rankings. Showcasing tenacity on the boards and an unmatched ability to hustle, Diallo grabbed MVP honors for both the McDonalds All American game and the Jordan Brand Classic, posting double doubles with points and rebounds in both games.

Brandon Ingram

Participating in all of the festivities, Ingram showcased his knack for getting the ball in the hoop and versatility similar to that of Simmons’. Ingram jumped to the #1 ranked SF and the #3 ranked player in the class of 2015 on the ESPN recruiting service. He posted double figures in points for all 3 of the games. With his recent verbal commitment to Duke University, Ingram has played a big role in Duke’s jump to Top 3 recruiting class of 2015 on many recruiting services



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