A Recap of the DP Art Exhibition: “All That Glitters”


Picture taken from the IB DP Art Department

On the 9th of April (Thursday), after two years of studying IB Visual Art the time has arrived for the DP art students of the 2015 cohort to show us what they have been up to. Over the course of these two years, the seniors have each compiled a collection of their own unique and varying works of art and now have the opportunity to share them with the the UNIS community.

The exhibition has been titled “All That Glitters”. This was inspired by the art exhibition’s aim of individuality and self-discovery, in that each artwork has its own originality and uniqueness.

Artist Kim Lan Mallon told us a bit about their journey:

“The long journey was not as straight forward as we expected… The evolution of our works also really surprised us, I don’t think any of us would have expected to be making the works that we have at the start of the course, so it really showed us that our art has really grown with us over the past 2 years. And we were also surprised that contrary to popular beliefs, there are ideas out there that haven’t been explored in art, just like in science. Having realized that, we really wanted to push individuality and originality in our work.”

Within the artworks, you can clearly hear the voices of their creators. The works truly express the ideas and beliefs that their artists hoped to communicate.The seniors experimented with as many types of visual art as they could, including photography, painting, digital work and sculpting. As a result, not a single work of art appeared to be a derivative of any other.

These artworks express what their creators have achieved and want to become in the future. opening the audience’s eyes to show them their experience and growth as an artist through their works. Artist Patrick Healy said:

“We have come together as a class to come up with some values that we believe in when making our works. one of them is to be different and unique, to create works that reflect ourselves as people and not necessarily what we think the audience would want to see and what we think art is. As you walk around, you will see a lot of styles of works from sculpture to painting, photography, digital work, drawings… showing that each person here has their own unique style of work.

A brief video recap of the exhibition:


Some photos from the exhibition: