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The Senate 2013 -2014

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Yesterday, results are in for the new 16 Senate Representatives to be joining the 2013 -2014 Senate along with the 5 student officers. They are listed here (in a nice, orderly and colored table!):

Senate Table


We ask the Senate Officers to give three words to describe this year’s election:

Vice-President Michael Emblem three words for this year’s elections are: “commemoration, joyous and fun!” He especially praises the Tae Heog Yan’s speech on “‘wierdos’ help running the world” and Byung Jun Park’s speech, “really convinced everyone that he is a good candidate”.

Communication officer Duong Nguyen’s three words are “exciting, surprising, and worrying”, while Secretary Jonas Fiebrantz says: “lots of potential”

Treasurer Quynh Anh sums it up with: “Candidates made speeches….AHHAHA”

Anonymously, one expresses a lot of surprise with the results, “worry that they might bring the Senate down”.

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The Senate 2013 -2014