UNIS Pre-Season Football: vs. Xuan La United Pt. 1

This past weekend, Mike Lakwijk’s team of football prodigees took to the field against the mighty Xuan La United (the stadium about 500m south of UNIS ). The fixture was a highly anticipated match that drew in a number of spectators; the game was like any other typical game for Lakwijk’s team, a stylishly late Simon McCarty, a handsome arrival from the fierce 80kg muscle-head Center Back, Thai Son Trinh and of course the forever present goalkeeper crisis of 14-15’ (R.I.P Matteu Mottyl & Kasper Henaes).

Yet, we took to the field with the slightly short but fearless Pedro Jose Montalban leading the boys once more. Lakwijk’s side start the game off with the Indian giant Ujiwal Kumar standing at a handsome 5 feet 6 inches in goal. Tobias Henaes teed it off to Hieu Nguyen and we were off. Right from the whistle you could tell that we were in for one heated fixture. The games started off quite slow but as it continued Lakwijk’s boys seemed to get a hold of themselves as they were still feeling out one another in this newly formed team of talented lads.

The first foal from our team of heroes was a sensational play, with Simon McCarty leading the counter attack as he sprinted down the middle with a cheeky left-footed ball into the path of Hieu who took it into his stride, pulling the keeper out for a penalty which he cooly slotted in. 1-0 to the good! Xuan La United are shaking their heads in disbelief. They need an answer, and quick! The referee looks to his watch as he blows for halftime, leaving Lakwijk’s in the lead 1-0 at the half. Come back next week to find out what makes Lakwijk’s boys storm off the pitch halfway through the second half!!!