UNIS Phoenix boys and girls teams win MRISA soccer championship on home turf

Both of theUNIS Phoenix teams won the tournament and became the champions of the MRISA Senior Soccer 2013.

From April 4th to 7th, UNIS is hosting MRISA Senior Soccer Tournament for both boys and girls. In MRISA, international schools from Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand comes together for sporting event. The participating schools this year are (HIS, ISE, ISHCMC, ISPP, NISC, SSIS, and VIS). The girls and boys have worked hard to be a part in MRISA tournament, practicing with their full effort most of the day. The honorable names are the following. The boys have Erike Cunelius as their coach, and with Cameron McCarty, Hung Nguyen, Ju Youn Lee, Kofi Buahin, Nam Nguyen, Sariek Cohen, Son Ngyuen, Trung Pham, Yanik Nyberg and Scott Mills. The girls have Mr. Hough and Mr. Phi as their coach, with Jemima Brennen, Kim Lan Mallon, Mai Phung, Abigail Valley, Sidney Hong, Nina Polsaari, Gillian Valley, Veronica Lai, Darikha Senenyake and Mathilde Brondum Reeh. The match starts from Friday to Saturday, having total of 40 games to determine the winner of this whole tournament.

On the first day, Girls Group B had a match with HIS, and with overwhelming score to 5-0, they have won. Right after, there was a boy’s match with ISE, and won with 1-0. Both teams had a good start off, and continued this pace for the whole MRISA tournament. Girls have won SSIS by 3-0, boys have also won HIS by 3-0, and the girls have won ISPP by 1-0, when the boys have beat ISE with 2-1.

On Saturday, the day began with the Girls Play-Off matches, but the girls have won ISE with 1-2, and the boys have won SSIS with 0-1. By this, the both teams had gone up to the Championship final, and showed to other schools the UNIS spirit. The boys were going against ISHCMC, who also had an extensive record on the field. However, the boys have won to 0-1 after an extensive round of doing the penalty shoot-out twice. The girls have won against ISPP, in 2-1. Everyone is now excited about the tournament and full of UNIS spirit. UNIS believes that they have done an wonderful job to honor our school, showing the abilities we have as the football team, and also showing the sportsmanship throughout the whole tournament.