UNIS Sports: Tryouts for Fall sports show mixed levels of turnout

During the past week, UNIS athletes had a chance to try out for the fall season sports, which include volleyball and tennis. The tryouts took place from August 17-22 as the girls and boys of both sports put on their competitive spirits and played on the courts. Other sports which are seasoned later in the year, such as swimming, basket are also in practice; however, tryouts for these sports will occur later in the year.

Despite difficulties caused by the stormy weather, the tennis squad managed to go through a series of drills and games which tested the players on their various skills. Although coaches Pho and Martin were troubled to find only male tennis players coming to tryout sessions, they are happy and eager to coach the eight boys as a team. Unfortunately, APAC Tennis only permits five tennis players of each gender to travel and compete against other players in this program. As a result, the Phoenix Tennis team this year will only have five finalists in total, with five males and no females and compete in the tournament that will be held in Seoul, Korea on October 24th.

On the other hand, the volleyball teams had more luck. Over 50 girls and boys came to the tryouts, and coaches were very pleased with the number and expect a successful season. Phoenix will have two volleyball teams for both boys and girls, one representing UNIS in MRISA (Mekong River International Schools Association) and one representing UNIS in APAC (Asia Pacific Athlete Conference). A total of 22 players of each gender will be qualified to travel and compete in Cambodia for MRISA and in Korea for APAC. During the tryouts, players were assessed according to their skills as well as their abilities to work with their teammates. Despite only being able to bring 22 girls and 22 boys, coaches announced that they are willing to develop all athletes’ skills, including those who are not selected to compete.