APAC 2012

The Girls and Boys Soccer teams finished their first Asian Pacific Athletic Conference (APAC) on April 21st. The boys placed fifth and the girls sixth, both out of six schools that participated.

The boys came back from Taejeon Christian International School (TCIS) in fifth place and also won a sportsmanship trophy which now sits in the school’s trophy area. The boys managed to fight for a minimum win with a score of 1-0 in their last game after their losses in the Round Robins. The girls, however, struggled in the pouring rain and continuous lightning strikes that set back games for hours. One game even broke the record of the longest game in history of soccer games with the duration of three and a half hours—all due to the lightning strikes which set the games back 20 minutes each time lightning is seen in the nearby zone. Nonetheless, the girls fought hard and scored two goals in their last game against AISG. In the end the AISG ladies took over with a 4-2 win.

Although it is unfortunate that the girls, arriving in Hanoi from Hong Kong International School (HKIS), came short this year’s season, the teams hope that Coach Alan Hough and Coach Phi Nguyen will assist the squad in the tournament next year, which UNIS will be hosting. We also hope that Coach Dirk Kraetzer and Coach Dan Slaughter will lead the boys’ team to a higher rank amongst participating schools next season. We will be looking forward to improvement from the two teams. “All we got to do is shrug it off,” said Coach Hough determinedly, “and fight for each other.”

–          Reported by Chi Mai