UN Day: Dr. Barder should listen to this

This letter was discovered as an ancient inscription on a clay tablet dug up from the middle of the school’s soccer field, the writer is unknown as the signature said “From an Oldie”:

“Ah yes, many an old student will remember this song. It is plainly called the UNIS Song, yet it has magical powers, many of the Old Ones would find themselves involuntarily bursting into song every Friday back when Friday Assemblies were a thing for Elementary.

Old legends once said a Mrs. Brown wrote this song a long time ago. With a catchy rhythm, the song is very easy to remember, I’m sure most of you (except new students) can remember how to sing it.

Unfortunately, since coming to Middle-High School, there has been a distinct lack of traditions to sing this song. Stories tell of how when Mrs. Brown left, elementary kids themselves also lost this tradition. With new Principals and Music teachers replacing the old, completely unaware that such magic exists, the song seems to have been lost forever.

But no, a hero delved into the labyrinth that is the School Digital Resources last year, questing for the song that he once so fondly remembered. He battled Deletedfolderoids, Emptycachest through countless passageways. Finally, in the darkest of chambers, a Link appeared, then two, then four simply named UNIS Song from 01 to 04. Escaping from the collapsing Digital Maze, our hero captured UNIS Song 01 from its underground lair and brought it to the surface of this world. He then released it into the wild of YouTube.

It is this old man’s fondest of wishes to be hearing this song again from all students on a whole school assembly. Won’t it be magical? Once again, UNIS has its Song, and this High School will be remembered as the ones that brought the magic back for the little ones.

–       From an Oldie”

This writer agrees, Dr. Barder, please listen to it!