The King of the Road Goes to the Seas

Bugatti looking to get into the boat business


There are many famous car brands in the world such as Toyota, Ford, Mercedes and many more. But none are as coveted as the Italian brand Bugatti, famous for its super sports car productions.  The Bugatti Veyron is one of the fastest cars in the world right now. Bugatti has many powerful supercars that slice through the air on land, but now it wants to bring its beautiful designs to the seas. Bugatti is teaming up with Palmer Johnson, the world’s largest motor yacht builder, to create the first Bugatti licensed yacht. The most recent designs include stunning open carbon-fibre sports yachts with distinctive Bugatti design elements.

The first Bugatti Yacht is called the Ninientte and it is made of Carbon Fibre. The yacht will be available in three models starting at 42 feet and a price of around 2.2 million dollars. The yachts include similar styling elements to the Bugatti such as dual coloring. Majority of Bugatti cars have a common feature with two different colors on the car. This feature has started since almost the beginning all the way up to the Veyron model.

The Ninientte will be offered in 3 different sizes with the smallest being 32 feet (13m). The second model is 63 feet long (19m) and the largest design of the yacht is 88 feet long (27m). The Ninientte will have a salon both above and below the deck which are sized based on the size of the hull of the yacht. Their salon can be outfitted based on the customers wishes. The production time for all three models are approximately 12 months.

Palmer has created many yachts in the past with the super sport series ranging from 32 – 72 meters long making even the largest Bugatti model seem very small. While the Ninientte is much smaller than Palmer’s yacht, it is relatively faster than the yachts in the super sport series. The Bugatti Ninientte is said to have 38 knots (70km/h) as its top speed while the smallest Super Sport can only go at 30 knots (55.56 km/h) at its top speed.

In the end, the two brands were brought together to reach unexpected goals and to achieve more success. Currently the release date for the Ninientte is not finalized by the makers although it is possible that the Ninientte may have a debut at the Geneva International Motor Show in March 2016. In the Geneva International Motor Show, Bugatti is planning to release its next super car model called the Bugatti Chiron and celebrate its world premiere.