Bus Procedures Changes

How long ago was this?

Buses are special. Whether their inhabitants sleep, talk, play games or many more, buses and the time to and from school is quite a significant chunk of time. Linh Vu has expounded on her feelings about buses in this article, detailing just a few of the reason why buses are so special to her.

But it seems there will be major changes to the bus system soon. “The current state of the buses is horrible”, says Senate Vice President of Student Representation Jonas Fiebrantz ’12, who mentions major changes to the bus regulations. “Stricter rules”, and “more power to bus monitors” are a few words said by Jonas, it seems these new regulations will be helping the bus monitor’s plight of trying to get students wearing seat-belts and getting the children under control.

These changes might receive an outcry from the students who do take the bus, but judging from simple observation every afternoon on how students behave on the bus, these changes might be necessary. Whatever these changes might be, they will be introduced to the student body on the April Fools Morning Meeting.

Editor’s note: Although there lies the possibility that this is a prank by Jonas Fiebrantz, it might not be the case