First Year at UNIS Chapter 2: Buses

Last week, I was talking about my feelings about UNIS teachers. Continue with this series, I will talk about one problem that many students care about. It is not as important to our school as the teachers are, oops…! But they ARE important: BUSES. They travel to every corner of Hanoi to take the amazing students of UNIS to school every morning and afternoon. We should share a great appreciation to the drivers and monitors.


Our parents are so busy with their work that they can hardly take us to school. Except form students who lives in Ciputra, most of us are taking buses to school (Actually there are two buses that only go around Ciputra every morning to pick up students!). The buses always try to pick us up in the nearest place to our house to make ourselves comfortable. In the morning, they try to have us in school before 8 am, which is about 15 minutes before homeroom starts. In the afternoon, the buses starts to run at 3:35, 10 minutes later than when the class ends,  which is just enough for tired people do not have to wait long, and excited people still have the time to talk to their friends about the tests. If there are some students late for the first bus, they can still catch the second one if it is comfortable. It is such a convenient and helpful system.

Super- powerful Transport Coordinator

Yes, I am talking about Mr. Lai, the most powerful person in UNIS bus system. He is there at the station every morning before we are coming to school to say hello to us. He is there every afternoon standing as the last person of the line from the canteen to buses to make sure that there is no students falling behind. He is there to solve even the smallest problem that relates to buses. Every morning some small students come to him and tell him that the other boy on bus say bad things, but he is very patient about that, and he solved the problem in the way that no one feels unfair. Mr. Lai knows every single student who takes the bus. When a monitor comes and tells him that there is a small kid absent, he knows who she is, and he tells their parents. When there is anyone that hears that Mr. Lai is coming to them, they feel scared because they may have been in trouble. Mr. Lai has done an amazing job to build up UNIS bus system that is organized and peaceful. We should thank him for that.


It is the first time I talk about a bad side, but it is the problem now in the bus. Despite the fact that we have a wonderful team of monitors, the bus still cannot be quiet. High school students are always tired after a long day, and we just want to rest on the bus. I unfortunately have to be in a bus where there are only three people including me are in MSHS. The rest are kindergarten and elementary students. They are incredibly noisy. I know that many MSHS students feel the same way about the bus. The monitors just try their best to make those students quiet, but they just can’t. They have to talk about something on the bus, I agree, because they are small and energetic. However, their voice is so loud that even when I put my soundproof earphones on, I can still understand what they are talking about. However, we cannot blame anyone for this situation. It is a natural problem of every bus. Let’s hope that one day they will be quieter, or one day we are too angry and then shout at them to make them quiet.

The chapter about the bus system ends here. The coordinator has done an amazing job to run the system. If there is a small fault about the bus, it is the noisy kids. For anyone who is in the bus that is not very noisy but you still want to have a 100% quietness, soundproof headphones is suitable. For anyone who does not have any sound in the bus, you are so lucky. Finally, let’s hope for the bus system to get more and more improved.