Have You Redd-it?: AskReddit

I’m sure there have been times when you wondered about the people on the internet. What is their life like? What is their opinion on a controversial topic? What makes them annoyed? On /r/AskReddit, these are the questions you’d expect.

/r/AskReddit is one of the largest subs on Reddit, placed in the position of honor – the main overhead bar. It has over 10 million subscribers – and this number doesn’t include the guests that also frequent the page. This is due to its content – general discussion on life, current events, unlike the most other subs, which have specific content directed at a topic. (which we will explore, of course!)

But that’s not to say AskReddit isn’t helpful. Discussions here are insightful, and can really help with your own life. Don’t believe it? I learned on AskReddit that for the optimum sandwich, the cheese must be at the bottom so it won’t stick to the roof of your mouth – a response to the question of “What can really take a sandwich to the next level?” For something less… informative, see a discussion on food fights – “Food fight to the death, what is your food of choice?” Currently, Reddit is settling between pineapples and coconuts, but durians deserve an honorable mention (particularly because it is so little known).

Jokes aside, AskReddit can be quite serious, too. The recent attack on Paris last weekend sparked a series of meaningful discussions, such as how Western countries should react, and how the lives of Muslims have changed. AskReddit also hosts a “Megathread” for events, such as the Halloween Megathread and Paris Attacks Megathread, to keep the discussions in one place. Notice how the topics about Paris are labelled “[Serious]” – so if you’re looking for serious, mature discussions, this is the place to go.

To sum up, AskReddit represents the mingling of the entire Reddit community, the good and the bad. It is also probably the best introduction to Reddit, a sub for universal topics, a place for intellectual discussion, interesting (and little known) facts and trivia, and overall fun times. I mean, where else can you learn the things that everyone is annoyed at, but puts up with?

So come to AskReddit, and ask questions! Or better yet, read the answers. Somewhere in there is something you wish you knew, but never knew it existed.