Getting Back into the Habit of School

Stressed? Tired? Unmotivated? This little guy might help…

Do you just love pugs? They’re so cute, fun and quirky! If you are feeling tired and groggy take a look at this pup. He’ll definitely make your day and fill you up with some motivation!

Sydney is a little pug who just loves blueberries, this video makes that pretty clear. No matter all the tricks his owner is playing on him, little Syd just won’t give up. Can you see that determination?  He wants that blueberry, and he’ll keep working for it until he gets it.

So what can we learn from this?

Well, despite the fact that his adorableness definitely broke the scales and shed a little light on our gloomy day, his willpower should give us a little motivational boost!  It’s only been a few weeks of school, and you may find yourself already feeling low on energy, but your hard work will be rewarded. So keep studying hard!!

Below are some tips you can follow to de-stress and get yourself back on track:

  1. Take breaks

It is important for us to take breaks whilst we study. Our brains need some rest after all and since we’re all already so sleep deprived a 15 minute power nap might actually be a helpful refresher. If you’re not an afternoon napper go drink some water, take a short walk or do some stretches. Some light activity will get that brain running again. Distract yourself by doing something different (like reading articles from The Flame!). Also, if your eyes are feeling tired from looking at that tablet screen for so long, it is important to give them a break too.

  1. Don’t just stay at home all day during the weekends

Some of you are probably staring at this thinking “going out on weekends? Me? A social life?”

Yes guys, doing something over the weekend instead of crying over your chem notes on a Saturday night for that test on Monday may actually do more good than bad. It’s just a matter of organising your time efficiently. Study in the morning and early afternoon, and then maybe go out for a few hours for something to eat with some friends in the evening. Your brain will thank you for it, and you may find that remembering information whilst you study becomes easier. This is a good chance for you to RELAX and de-stress from all that schoolwork.

  1. Don’t treat your stomach like a rubbish bin

I’m not saying you have to eat a boring salad every single day for lunch, but it’s called “healthy” food for a reason and it’s necessary especially in stressful times such as these. Try eating more vitamins, proteins and good carbs by switching out those sugary canteen green teas with fruits, vegetables, nuts or wholegrain breads. Remember, you are what you eat thus a healthy body = a healthy mind. Also, make sure you eat breakfast, even if it’s just a banana. If you don’t feel hungry in the morning, take something on-the-go and quickly eat it before class. Your brain still needs some fuel and an empty stomach won’t help.

Hopefully these tips will help you in the long run and Syd the pug has given you a little motivation for you today! The Flame hopes you have a great week!