Science Behind Video Gaming Part 2

When should you play games?

Two Types of Nerve System

Most of us have played some kind of games in our lives: computer games, console games or simple apps on our phones. Some people play for fun and some people play games to refresh themselves from long and continuous studies. Games can be fun and refreshing but many students have trouble concentrating in studies after playing games. As stated in the previous article, it’s your nerve system that is limiting you from concentrating after playing games.

We have two types of nerve system in our body which controls and prevents our body system from breaking down. The sympathetic nerve system works during the day. When we feel stress it messages the adrenal medulla grand to springs up producing massive amounts of adrenaline. Adrenaline is a hormone which increases the blood pressure, heart rate, and breathing rate and thus increases your physical ability and your brain process speed. This is why when you are in danger or feeling excited while playing games you feel your body heating up. However using too much adrenaline may cause you to feel extremely tired afterwards because your body is working at a level that it normally wouldn’t. Therefore you can’t concentrate on studies after playing games.

Second type of nerve system is called the parasympathetic nerve system. This is the nerve system helping and maintaining your body while you’re asleep. Parasympathetic nerve system gives out many different hormones that control your body while you are asleep. It even makes your heart rate slower so you can sleep better. As you can guess by now, sympathetic nerve system and parasympathetic nerve system does not work together but they work in different times of the day. Sympathetic works during the day and parasympathetic during the night each having their individual job. Sympathetic starts to work as you wake up and slowly turns off as you go to sleep. On the other hand, parasympathetic works during night and turns off during the day. When you play games before night, it makes the sympathetic nerve system spring up in action making it difficult for the parasympathetic nerve system to do their job. This is why it’s hard to sleep right after you play games.

When should you play?


You can’t play games before studying, you can’t play games right before you go to sleep, so when exactly should you play games to benefit the most? Here’s the answer:

Play during the day!

During the day your sympathetic nerve system is working the most, therefore gaming during day time will make you more likely to play better. Even if you are tired from an adrenaline rush, you can study at night when your sympathetic nerve system is fully recovered. Then before going to sleep your body switches from sympathetic to parasympathetic nerve system helping you to sleep better and without feeling tired the next day.

Playing games are fun and by knowing when you should play games and when you should study prevents people from stressing out and even makes your gaming time more enjoyable.