Why Do Parents Dislike Gaming?

Everyone loves to play games, even if this isn’t you – at some point in your life you’ve at least tried playing a game. Growing up with video games, we first encountered the Game Boy, the DS, as well as the Xbox! But following these great technological advancements, a problem arises. Your parents just don’t appreciate the games. I’m sure you’ve heard your parents say “don’t play games” or “video games are a waste of time”. And although you’ve tried to convince them otherwise, it never turns out the way you want it to.games

Well actually, I’m here to tell you that there is a way to convince your parents, by choosing the right games.

 2 types of Video Games

Video Games can be have two focuses, narrative and/or gameplay. If you know what these 2 types of games are, you  will be more successful in convincing your parents.

Narrative – ‘Narrative’ games are when the protagonist travels through a series of stories. The games are quite slow-paced small amounts of action; giving you time to understand the game. Usually, to play the game there are only a few controls necessary. Games such as The Legend of Zelda, is a great game with few controls and is very very simple.

Gameplay – A ‘gameplay’ game concentrates on the movement and the action of the game so that it is more enjoyable for the player. Shooting games are a good example of a ‘gameplay’ game. They are usually more advanced, requires more skills and concentration compared to the narrative games. Gameplay games can be games such as League of Legends or Battlefield 4.zelda

To be successful in convincing your parents, you should encourage them to try playing a simple ‘narrative’ game, instead of a complicated ‘gameplay’ game. By doing this your parents can successfully enjoy the game without any confusions like which buttons do what. So next time your parents say games are a waste of time, try making them play games like Zelda or Wolf Quest (League of Legends might just blow their minds! And not in a good way).