Minecraft in School?

Minecraft – endless possibilities

I think it is fair to say that computer games are really fun to play – there millions and types of games you can choose, each with a unique array of customization options to make it your own.  Not to mention that you can also communicate with your friends at the same time! Unfortunately, the social opinion on games these days are not the best. Some people say you can damage your sight or hearing and even say that they are a waste of time – gasp!

Minecraft, one of the most played games on the planet, is one of the many victims of this. While you may not be regularly be playing Minecraft (or have even heard of it), there are actually a variety of benefits to playing the game. It is a game that allows the player to take 1x1cubes of different materials and build anything – from houses to farms to castles, and even schools.



Education with computer games

Minecraft is a great way to exercise your brain, and not only to play and have fun. Also it can help you boost up in many kinds of subject used in school. Here are some examples:

Design technology – As Minecraft is a game where you mostly build houses and buildings, it is a great way to enhance your designing skills and building skills. Engineering was supposed to be a very highly skilled job, but because of Minecraft it is possible for even small kids to enjoy the art of building.

History – Minecraft comes with download maps that are already made for players to use and enjoy. These maps often have come equipped with replicas of ancient buildings, which allow the users to walk around and gain a better understanding of what it actually felt like to have been alive in ancient times. It is a great experience even without going to those certain places around the world.

English – Literacy skills and Minecraft have very similar things in common. To create a piece of literature, an essay for example, planning is essential. When building something in the world of Minecraft, you also need a lot of planning. Writing down guides or instruction about what you want to create is also a great way for students to learn how to write down step-by-step guides and create instructions for planning in a specific way.

Also recently Minecraft has been credits as one of the games that can actually help in education. Many schools are starting use Minecraft as a way to teach students effectively not only to develop their designing and organizing skills. Also an organization called “TeacherGaming” has started a project called MinecraftEdu which encourages teachers to use Minecraft in order to teach students many types of subjects.

In our ever-developing modern society, there an infinite number of ways to learn the one specific topic, even something you never even thought of. Minecraft might someday play a major role in school to teach students subjects. Would you like to study your subject in Minecraft too?