“Monster Hunt” Movie Review

Raman Hui, Monster Hunt (2015)

“Monster Hunt” is a Chinese-Hong Kong 3D Fantasy Adventure Film directed by Raman Hui. The film takes place in the distant past, where the human race existed alongside the Monster race. The story goes: there used to be the world where both Human and Monster lived in peace, shared what they had and loved each other. However, as the Human race developed more and more, they drove the Monsters out from their lands, forced them to live on a mountain and any Monster that came to the Human’s world would be killed. After a while, a civil war took place in the Monster Realm that caused a drastic change to their society as the newly crowned king (who used to be a minister) was actually a betrayer. Later on, the Monster Queen lost against the Human Realm and was killed right after she sent her unborn child into a young man’s stomach.

Plot and Character:

The plot of this film interested me quite a bit because the main character, a male, ends up being pregnant. Yes, you read that right, a male character becomes pregnant! The characters in this film are what makes me like the film even more. While in other films, the male characters are usually portrayed with characteristics such as strong and muscular, in this film the male character, Song Tianyin, is portrayed as fragile and even emotional.

To add on, the female character’s role is the complete opposite to the male’s! The female character is always the one who protects Tianyin and the unborn monster in Tianyin’s stomach. Both of these characters help create lots of strange and creative scenarios while they travel together and the way they react with the baby Monster before and after it was born is also quite captivating to see.

The character Tianyin who is pregnant. Raman Hui, Monster Hunt (2015)

Animation and Theme:

Monster Hunt” is a 3D movie and in my opinion, the animation in this film is of quality material from the visuals of the monsters, to the view and landscapes of all the scenes. Especially in some action scenes where each and every action the characters make looks very detailed and impressive to my eyes.

Looking at the visuals of a specific character, one reason why  people fall in love after watching “Monster Hunt” is because of the adorable-looking baby monster, Hua Xiaolan. Hua Xiaolan has a cute appearance which can make your heart melt while they’re watching!

Although according to the director, Raman Hui, the main theme of this film is acceptance, some of us may even find other themes while they’re watching. For instance, when I first watched this film, I thought the theme was about the dangers of hunting animals and how it harms them. However, “Monster Hunt” is a fantasy and adventure film that is very humorous but still has a serious message relating to real life. The message of this film is to understand and accept differences between people and other societies, to see the world through others’ perspective, and to foster peace between each individual.

Overall, I think this film is great and would definitely recommend everyone to watch it since it’s very entertaining and its story line is easy and fun to follow!