Have You Redd-it?: WorldNews

Sometimes, great things happen in the world without us knowing about it. Other times, terrible things happen, and we only know about it when we heard about it several days later, or experienced it firsthand. Some of us look at CNN or BBC (or The Flame!), others read the newspaper (yes, they still exist), but they cannot cover everything, and they’re undoubtedly biased in terms of content and opinion (Fox News, anyone?).

Introducing, /r/WorldNews!

World News is one of the default subs, and one of the many subs which deal with current events in a semi-serious manner. Here, users post links from various news agencies all around the globe, giving you, the reader, a variety of articles on all the news going on in the world.

But if that was all, that wouldn’t be Reddit. The comments on WorldNews stands up to its worldly topic – a place where hundreds of users discuss geopolitics, technology, and share links for further reading. As with any part of Reddit, the comments are also home to the occasional inside jokes, vulgar expressions, and aggressive, controversial discussions. However, they serve to establish different viewpoints, different sides to an argument – not many places on the internet contain this amount of geopolitical discussion, complete with sources and Wikipedia links.

The sub also has filters, similar to /r/AskReddit’s “serious” tag. However, this filter focuses on the topics of the news article. Currently, these filters are: Refugee Crisis (MUN, anyone?), Ukraine/Russia, Israel/Palestine, and, one of the most popular topics at the moment, Syria/Iraq.

So, get on there, and stay up-to-date! There’s (probably) no better place to read the news.