The New USB Plug: Type-C

USB Type C
Nokia sole USB port. Taken from The Verge.


USB Type-C is here and doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon with the support of Apple, Google, Nokia and many other companies unveiling devices with the new innovative port. The most aggressive example we have seen is from Apple, by placing a single USB C port to replace all other connections in the new Macbook. Nokia is also quick to react by launching world’s first tablet equipped with the new USB family member. Both of these device are now under close observation to see the true power of USB Type-C.

Now you might be asking why the new USB is so amazing. To answer that we must look at existing products, most of them have a different purpose. There is Micro USB B, HDMI, VGA, USB A, Lightning, Thunderbolt, Mac safe charge and so, each one are targeted as a specific task. However, USB Type-C is designed to do everything, from charging to data transfer to displaying content. With ambitions to conquer the electronic market, becoming the only port found in computers, tablets and phones.

Specifications wise USB Type-C is impressive compared to other. Delivering fast data transfer up to 10GB per second, and power supply of 10W-100W. In addition, promising a smooth user experience with both side of USB Type-C cables being equipped with reversible male plugs. Furthermore, USB Type-C is designed to be backward compatible to current USB Type-A.

All in all, USB Type-C seems to have had an spectacular launch, and get ready to see more devices using the new port. With the push from large tech companies we can be quite certain that USB Type-C is on its way to becoming a market standard for all electronic devices.