Movie Review: Gravity

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The international box office had a major hit a few weeks ago. Alfonso Cuarón’s new film ‘Gravity’, casting Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, had international attention not just because of the cast and beautiful special effects, but by causing a lot of controversy in a broad range of topics.

Most of the previous high budget Hollywood space-related films are usually about fighting aliens or discovering new planets, using high-tech equipment created by the Hollywood special effects team. However, ‘Gravity’ is simply just about two scientists who have lost contact with Earth in outer space and are trying to find their way back.

When you read the online reviews for this movie, it doesn’t matter whether the people are saying good or bad things about the movie, their posts are sharing one common piece. All of them are complimenting the beauty and sophistication of the visual effects. It was an obvious result to see from a film which had to delay production for a year because the visual effects company needed to update their programs for this one film. Moreover, the movie uncovers the passionate dedication and diligent efforts that the film crew put in.

Later on after it’s release, people have talked about comparisons between ‘Gravity’ and ‘Reality’. According to an ex-NASA astronaut, features such as emergency situations and the insides of the spaceships were well made even though they weren’t perfect. Also, he corrected some major errors in the film such as the distances between space structures, how the astronauts should have moved in reality, what Earth actually looks like, and many more. He went on to say that there were more errors than the correct ones in the film ‘Gravity’. However, he also commented that he won’t be very picky about it because it is just a film he watched for entertainment.

The film ‘Gravity’ is still running at a good pace in the international box office. While it is not fully showing worldwide yet (it is still a ‘coming soon’ in countries including China and Japan), it has played in Vietnam and has already made over five hundred and fifty million dollars worldwide.

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